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Dead Person of the Day – September 25 – John M. Ford

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John M. Ford is one of the few people associated with the so-called ‘science fiction’ movement that yours truly can stomach. Kurt Vonnegut being another…possibly L. Ron Hubbard for his vision.

Anyways,  moving on.

Though each of his were radically different they all shared a sense that the tales they told were being told in retrospect and perhaps were meant to tell us something about where we – as a people –  came from. The Dragon Waiting: a masque of history (1983) explores a vision of an alternate medieval Europe without religion and how that would have changed things. The title of Growing Up Weightless (1993), which takes place on the already settled Moon, precisely designates the fate of those expected to grow up without history; the story itself is not about finding the future, but searching for roots and the proverbial all-you-can-eat buffet in the sky.

“110 Stories”, a poem which has become famous for its powerful and intricate depiction of the destruction of the World Trade Center is unique and brilliant. Each of its 110 lines is an end-stopped fragment of a different participant’s point of view of the tragedy. If you haven’t read it yet I highly recommend.

Get up your nostrils and get some obit on a Tuesday.

John M. Ford
Science-fiction writer and poet
Saturday, September 25, 2006

John Milo Ford, writer: born 10 April 1957; died Minneapolis c 24 September 2006.
His career might have seemed all fits and starts, except that his voice was unmistakable no matter what he wrote. The science-fiction writer and poet John M. Ford achieved long before his early death, almost by stealth, a quite extraordinary breadth of recognition for his contributions to American self-knowledge. Continue

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