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Dead Person of the Day – September 12 – Norman Borlaug

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Back again with a piping hot obit in your grill.

Norman Borlaug – What a guy. He’s everything Fritz Haber was minus the genesis of mass genocide.

Borlaug, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, left a lucrative career at Dupont to pursue a career in bringing sustainable and effective agricultural techniques to areas of the world where population was growing exponentially faster than crop production.

Rust had devastated the Midwest in the 1930s, and Mexico shortly before he went there. Mr. Borlaug’s innovative techniques helped feed millions in Mexico, America and later in India and Africa. During his immense success Borlaug was on record saying that despite all his fame he still enjoyed “eating Apple Jacks and watching Saturday morning cartoons”. Impressive.

Congrats to Norman Borlaug and to the Economist for reaching the high water mark of landing on the radar of the NOR as a DPD.


Norman Borlaug, feeder of the world, died on September 12th, aged 95
Sep 17th 2009 | from the print edition

AS DAWN broke over northern Mexico, Norman Borlaug wriggled from his sleeping bag. Rats had run over him all night, and he was cold. In a corner of the dilapidated research station where he had tried to sleep, he found a rusting plough. He took it outside, strapped the harness to himself, and began, furiously and crazily, in front of a group of astonished peasants, to plough the land. Continue

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