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Top 10 Best Dance Moves

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Dancing is part of our DNA. While some of us can perform better than others we’ve all experienced a rush of emotion so intense we were compelled to start moving around in a somewhat rhythmic fashion – much like Forest Gump when he first heard Elvis.

The Shade staff took a peek in the vault of human movement and pulled out what we consider to be the best contributions to the artform. Personally I’ve used every single one of these in various (and to varying degrees of accuracy) and they’ve never failed to get a positive reaction (especially the Pee Wee). And lets face it, as the little girl in the Watusi video points out to Lurch – “ If you know how to dance well, she’ll think you’re boss.”

Enough said.

So, without further adieu we give to you The Shade’s Top 10 Best Dance Moves:

10. The Roger Rabbit

9. The Pee Wee

8. The C Walk

7. The Watusi

6. The Charleston

5. The Tango

4. The Funky Chicken

3. The Moonwalk

2. The Standard Twist

1. The ole James Brown

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