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Dead Person of the Day – August 23 – Norman Wexler

0 Comments 23 August 2012


Norman Wexler is today’s DPD. Please take a moment to list to the video attached….at least the first 4 minutes.

A few things occurred to me during today’s resurrection.

#1 – John Travolta means just as much to American film as Tom Cruise.

#2 – I’m relieved that most of American entertainment’s ideas come from print and here’s why: Print allows for a much more intimate experience. If ‘a thing’ can be successful in print, it can be successful anywhere.

OK, Norman Wexler had an illustrious career as a screenwriter. Responsible for Serpico, Joe and Saturday Night Fever….Wexler was a force in late 20th century American film.

In my opinion the coolest thing about Wexler was that in the 1970s if you needed to come up with ‘street language’ for a film, you went to Wexler.

If you can read the first paragraph of his obit and not read on….you probably don’t like Mac n’ Cheese.

Obituary: Norman Wexler

THE PLAYWRIGHT and screenwriter Norman Wexler won Oscar nominations for writing the films Joe and Serpico, and went on to write one of the biggest hits in Hollywood history, Saturday Night Fever, which made a star of John Travolta and which has recently been adapted into a hit stage musical. Continue

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