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Dead Person of the Day – August 22 – Al Dvorin

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Today’s DPD helped found and propagate an American aphorism.

Born in Chicago Dvorin got involved in country music in the early 1950s. At a random back stage passing of ships he met and befriended “Colonel” Tom Parker, who introduced Dvorin to his protégé Elvis Presley. The rest is history.

Dvorin became Elvis’ personal announcer – often introducing opening acts and being faced with the difficult task of telling throngs of screaming women that Elvis did, in fact, leave the building and would not be returning for another encore.

Dvorin’s ingenuity (partnered with Elvis’ awesomeness) resulted in a catch phrase that became an American institution in it’s own right.

I can remember many a Tuesday’s where a relieved Papa Gino’s staff muttered that phrase as yours truly was wedging himself out of the booth at an all-you-can-eat Tuesday and making my way to the car.

Enjoy the video

Al Dvorin
Announcer who dashed fans’ hopes with the phrase ‘Elvis has left the building’

You might think that Elvis Presley’s fans would have rioted at the sound of Al Dvorin saying at the end of a concert, “Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building. Thank you and goodnight”, but they accepted it as a signal that Presley would not be giving an encore and that their hopes of an autograph were dashed. Dvorin’s message, which over the years became a catchphrase, was little more than an order to clear the showroom. Continue

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