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0 Comments 03 August 2012

How Are You Today?

“Stop being a fucking douchebag.” Is what I say internally to 98% of the people I come in contact with.
“How about I find you a tall tree and some short rope and you do us a favor and take a dive.  I”ll do you a favor and bury you beneath our favorite tree.” I think about others.

“If I threw you this chainsaw could you catch it?” Ponders the thought machine.
Underhand or overhand?  Maybe some sidearm, probably want some variety in the throws to ensure the desired result.  Huh? Chainsaw dodging would be pretty fun to watch:

In this corner we have Rick Irwin (22W-3L-1D) hoping to dethrown reigning champion Jeff Wentzel (18W-0L-0D).  Even with one Arm Rick Irwin is a tough competitor and has a real shot at knocking Jeff off the top of the mountain.
On the other hand Jeff Wentzel is looking better than ever and the STIHL team has been training real hard.

Should probably go get a nice cheese and cracker spread, pepperoni, maybe some banana pepper rings.
Oh yeah, fuck off.

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