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Dead Person of the Day – August 1 – Gore Vidal

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With the sudden passing of Gore Vidal I don’t have the luxury of of including an obit with this special edition DPD. Mr. Vidal was brilliant, forthright, and a shining example of what a truly informed American could be. To be fair…at times he could also be a pompous boob whom thought every rule had an exception just for him.

Whenever I think of Gore I’m reminded of  his visit to the Dick Cavett in 1967. Gore really butted heads with NOR ex-Emeritus Norman Mailer. I remember like it was yesterday. I was in the green room enjoying the buffet watching on TV. What people don’t know was that this argument started a week prior at the 57th st. YMCA during our weekly squash round robin.

In the end I’d say Mailer got the best of the situation. But afterwards we all went out to Delmonico’s for shrimp.

We’ll miss you Gore. We all know you would have written your best obit- and perhaps one may surface in the coming days. BUT if another of equal or lesser value comes across our desk we’ll be sure to post it.

Gore Vidal – American 1925-2012

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