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0 Comments 25 July 2012

Due Process

The ice cream in my shoe melted
Looks like I have to walk this one off
The dog might be interested in the ice cream shoe?
I could try using the hose out back
Can I feed a wet shoe to the dryer?
The dryer doesn’t look all that hungry
The watermelon probably knows what to do
Damn, watermelon locked the door again!

To the state legislature for a resolution.
Well sir, I didn’t want to put the ice cream in my pocket again
Plus, there was no warning on the package of a specific melting point
– Of course it’s a valid point
Yes, I will accept $54,000 for emotional and physical damages
I hate it when my alarm clock works- FIN

Untitled # 8

Sleek, steady
slow fixation
girl shot
stranger found
editors words-
Rude shock
sun sets
night cools
music ends

These poems are brought to you by Channel 17- Home of your double barrel action news- “If the community keeps setting up the targets, we’ll keep firing”

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