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The Shade’s 2012 Olympic Coverage – How We Get Started

0 Comments 25 July 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Its that time of year again. Yes – the Olympics!

A time when random acts of nationalism are thrust upon us and we pretend to care about sports that we literally watch once every 4 years.

And if THAT wasn’t enough the Olympics really fills out our daytime viewing schedule. Now we’ll finally have something to look forward to between the end of The Price is Right and the beginning of Wheel of Fortune. Yes!

Seriously folks, whats not to get excited about? Sport – much like music – is a global language. Its possible to play on a team (or compete) with other people who all speak a different language – and communicate.

Its one of the few events that breaks down cultural barriers and shows how we can all work together if we want to. Except for when the opposite happened like in 1976, 1980 and 1984. But those were weird times before we lived life in HD and had the internet.

Sharing little else other than a common space and purpose (and striving to get the job done) is something The Shade gets behind. We’re also massive sports fans.

As such The Shade will be providing our cracker jack coverage of the 2012 Olympics to our readers! We’ll be bringing you thoughtful pieces, exposes`, possibly in-depth coverage of aspects we find interesting along with various other ‘odds and ends’.

So please stay tuned, stay cool and for god’s sake feed the cat.

The Shade Team

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