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Beautiful People,

Fred is a great name. Who doesn’t like a Fred eh? If you’re from New England (and of a certain age) you may even remember Fred the Baker and his ever meaningful mantra ‘time to make the donuts’.

Fred is a stately name. Its of Germanic descent and means “peaceful ruler”, derived from frid “peace” and ric “ruler, power”. This name has long been common in continental Germanic-speaking regions as well as with people that tend to sprout mustachios at a young age.

If you’ve ever felt yourself wanting to feel enthused about Freds but lacking inspiration…do yourself a favor and visit the Fred Society’s website.

But a good first place to start would be perusing The Shade’s Top 10 list of Freds.

10. Fred Armisen

9. Fred Flintstone

8. Fred Wesley

7. Fred Tuttle ( gotta check this out

6. Fred Savage

5. Freddie Kruger

4. Fred Astaire

3. Fred Couples

2. Freddie Mercury

1. Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers)


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