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Dead Person of the Day – July 10 – Arthur Fiedler!!!

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A personal favorite of yours truly for today’s DPD. Not only did Mr. Arthur Fiedler lead the Boston Pops and serve as a beacon of cultural exploration for over 50 years BUT he also has a wonderful footbridge named in his honor – but more on that later.

Fielder had a celestial magnetism towards Boston and, in particular, the Boston Pops. In 1885 Fiedler’s father traveled to Boston (via Poland) to in the first-violin section of the Boston Symphony. As young boy Arthur was a well-known jax player in the slums of Boston and often made enough money to support his struggling family.

jFor more than half a century, Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra were joined in a musical union that, through concerts, recordings, radio broadcasts and television programs, brought untold musical pleasure to millions of Americans.

Fiedler began playing viola in the Boston symphony in 1924. After proving himself a bonafide talent he applied for the conductorship of the symphony and was turned down in 1926. He continued in his role while also composing the famous comic strip “How’s your knickers” for the next 3 years.

In 1929, he organized the outdoor Esplanade Concerts in Boston, and when the Pops job opened up again in 1930 he was offered it. He considered over a glass of coffee milk and accepted.

Although Fielder wildly popular with ‘the people’ he was generally looked down upon by other conductors, classical music critics and that community in general. Reason being Fiedler would often infuse more contemporary numbers and showtunes into his performances to keep the crowd engaged.

In addition to his illustrious career in music Arthur Fiedler has his legacy cemented in time with the Arthur Fiedler Footbridge located on Storrow Drive in Boston. In a word, its magnificent. A marvel of modern architectural design and ‘just plain fun’ to walk over this footbridge has it all. Take it from me.

P.S. Shame on the Boston Globe for not having ANY obit for Arthur. Sons of bitches.

Now, tuck in your shit before you take your obit.

Arthur Fiedler, 84, Conductor Of Boston Pops 50 Years, Dies


Arthur Fiedler, conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra for 50 years and one of the world’s best- known musical figures, died yesterday morning at his home in Brookline Mass. He was 84 years old. Continue

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