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Top 10 Reasons To Stay In Tonight!

0 Comments 22 June 2012

Going out ain’t what it used to be. It used to be fashionable, fun and pregnant with the anticipation of coitus. No longer. Its expensive, annoying and you tend to be surrounded by nimrods staring at their phones texting. Not to mention most places don’t even have Keno anymore.

So join the rest of The Shade staff and throw on a pair of sweatpants, grab a microwave-able burrito and log in some couch time. If that scenario doesn’t compel you we’ve polled the staff here and come up with our own Top 10 Reasons To Stay In Tonight. Enjoy!

10. Big saturday coming; premiership at 11, NFL at 1, sopranos at 9
9. Your phone died, you lost your charger, no one is calling anyway (sigh)
8. She’s really gone and not coming back and you’re too old to start all over
7. My night ends after happy hour
6. You saw Les Claypool Thursday and you’re still trying to figure it out
5. Just caught the beginning of a Back to the Future marathon
4. You just saw your friends on Monday and didn’t really have a good time then
3. Tomorrow is a beach day and you want to beat the crowd
2. $6 is too much to pay for a budweiser
1. Its already 7 and you honestly can’t tell whether it’s constipation or the dreaded diarrhea and very few places have single stall bathrooms

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