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The Shade Gaspee Day Invasion: A Review and Vote on Best Finish!

1 Comment 11 June 2012

Despite the videos below we all made it through safe and sound. After having a brief chat with the Chairman of the Gaspee Day Festival board he mentioned that he very much appreciated the much needed ‘coolness’ The Shade Invasion brought to the table. Mr. Chairman it was a pleasure. The Shade staff had a great time and the bags of Cheez-Curls were much appreciated.

A special acknowledgement is called for with Reins Hagglemeyer. Reins rolled out of bed and across the finish line in a trim 23 minutes and 30 seconds for ultimate victory in The Shade’s first ever Run & Punch Gala. Reins, your trophy is en route.

Please review the below finishes and vote on your favorite Run & Punch. The winner gets to run another 5k and receive another punch.

*special thanks to The Shade’s #1 fan Stephen “Pillow Hands” Lytle for providing a non-threatening option for getting punch.

Option 1 – Rayburn Schletz

Option 2 – Norman P. Orlando

Option 3 – Reins Hagglemeyer


Who ya got?

Who ya got?

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