The Shade Invasion Begins!

0 Comments 07 June 2012

Beautiful People,

The Invasion has begun!

Much like our namesake the shade can appear predictably or unpredictably. It can occur in the shadow of a decrepit apartment building between 3-3:15 in the afternoon or behind a rather large human.

It happens and when it does it brings relief. Always.

We maintain this desire for relief here at The Shade. As such, we’re starting the invasion. Bring the coolness righteousness of the shade where ever you go.

The Shade HQ staff invaded the New England Aquarium this week. It was amazing, shocking, educational, terrifying and a few of the penguins might need to get re-aligned. However, everyone that experienced the invasion feels better now. Fact.

Our invasion continues this weekend into the depths of Americana (more on that later) and we encourage you to extend the coolness and let us know about it. Homemade signs and ambivalence are encouraged. If you happen to take a picture please send it to getintotheshade@gmail.com but if you don’t, that’s cool too.

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