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Dead Person of the Day – May 31 – Robert Quine

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Today’s DPD comes out of the tight-jean wearing, hard drug shootin’ NYC punk scene of the late 70s/ early 80s.

Mr. Robert Quine.

His collaborators include the likes of Lou Reed, Brian Eno and Tom Waits. Not bad eh?

He found his way to NYC via Indiana then law school in St. Louis. After landing in New York he landed a job at a booked store where he worked with Richard Hell and Tom Verlaine and eventually formed the Voidoids. The Voidoids career was brief by Quine stuck around for awhile.

Very much a part of the scene Quine was always an anomaly. Several years older than his contemporaries, law degree from Wash U and nephew to famous philosopher W.V. Quine his contribution enigmatic and thorough.

Hired by Lou Reed to play on his stark 1982 album “The Blue Mask,” Mr. Quine tore it up. Rolling Stone praised the guitar work on the album, saying in a review that “the intuitive responsiveness between Lou Reed and Robert Quine is a quiet summit of guitarists’ interplay: the notes and noise soar and dive, scudding almost formlessly until they’re suddenly caught up in the focus of a rhythm.”

I recommend checking out some of his work. Bring him up to your friends while you’re at it. If you haven’t yet please take a look at the video above. The first comment states:

‘I came here thinking if I watched a video I would know how Quine played that solo but I’m more mystified than ever’

It is pretty sick.

Obits on a Thursday smell like Ben Gay on a Saturday. Hoo-ah!

Robert Quine, 61, Punk Rock Guitarist, Dies


Published: June 8, 2004

Robert Quine, a noted guitarist of the New York rock scene of the 1970’s and 80’s who played with Richard Hell, Lou Reed and others, died last week in his home in Manhattan. He was 61. Continue

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