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Top 10 Things To Step In

0 Comments 25 May 2012

Beautiful People,

Do you ever step in stuff? I do! Almost every day. Except for those days where I just can’t muster the gumption to throw the covers off and attack the day. You know, the ‘bad’ days.

Anyways, because we all do so much stepping in stuff we at The Shade figured we’d give you an idea of good things to do your stepping in. Don’t thank us, this is why we get paid the big bucks.

Without further ado here’s The Top 10 Things to Step In:

10. The Void – for those aforementioned ‘bad’ days

9. A jump shot – this is a must if you want proper rotation

8. A pub – because a cool buzz makes things not so bad

7. A ball park – distinctly American, and anyone that’s walked through the tunnel at Fenway Park knows what I mean

6. A Slim Jim – get it?

5. A barrel of grapes – its just so gooey!

4. Jacuzzi – sexy time!

3. Slippers – obviously

2. Air conditioned room on a hot day – your glands thank you every time

1. A crisp pair of slacks – no explanation necessary

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