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Dead Person of the Day – May 17 – Frank Gorshin

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Frank Gorshin – the original Riddler in the 1960s hit show Batman. He was a seasoned Hollywood vet  well before landing the role, having appeared in 18 films before landing The Riddler at age 30. Also, to his credit, Gorshin was the only actor in the Batman series to be nominated for an Emmy (he was later nominated for another for his appearances in Star Trek).

Gorshin was slight but athletic, and his wide mouth and menacing eyes were perfect for roles as henchmen. And if it wasn’t for that prick Don Rickles who knows the heights that Gorshin would have ascended to. Be sure, Don Rickles is on the NOR’s dart board and has been for some time but that’s neither here nor there.

Gorshin was a pro and his career flourished even after Batman was cancelled. He opened for Bobby Darin at the Flamingo in Las Vegas and in 2004 Quentin Tarantino directed him and Tony Curtis in an episode of CSI.

To give even more props to Gorshin, as The Riddler his sidekick was non other than Jill St. John – whom its rumored he had a torrent affair with. If you haven’t clicked on the link of Jill yet please do and you’ll have even more respect for Mr. Gorshin. I’ll bet Rickles never pulled tail like that. Seriously – screw Don Rickles.

Here’s to you Mr. Gorshin.

Obits on a Thursday….gotta love it!

Frank Gorshin

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Frank Gorshin, who died on Tuesday aged 72, made many film and television appearances but was most memorable as the frenzied Riddler in the 1960s hit television show Batman.

As the arch enemy of Batman and Robin, his trademarks were an emerald green skin-tight costume covered in pink question marks and a chilling, crazed laugh; his henchwoman was Jill St John. Gorshin was the only Batman actor nominated for an Emmy, and many fans of the series considered that Jim Carrey’s version of the Riddler in the film Batman Forever (1995) failed to match up to Gorshin’s. Continue

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