Winner Announced! The Shade’s Fine Art Competition

0 Comments 02 May 2012

This year The Shade Fine Arts Commission hunkered down in Howard Johnson on East Ave in Trenton, NJ.  The results are in and it was close to the very end.  Unfortunately during the commission’s deliberation Fatty Butts was nearly thrown out for portraying Teddy with a bird on his arm.  Article 5 states “No cute wild life shall be used in an attempt to persuade judges.”  Following this incident Fatty Butts tried to bribe judges by having hotel staff deliver freshly cooked Elios pizza to their hotel room. Her submission was disqualified but the Elios was delicious despite our judges burning the roofs of their mouths. Fattie, we appreciate the effort but standards are standards.

Due to the potential negative press that could follow The Shade if Norman’s submission was crowned the winner the Fine Arts commission collectively decided to burn all copies out back by the dumpster never to be spoken of again. The Shade has since learned that The Bad Arts Museum in Dedham has contacted Norman to showcase the painting if you desire a viewing but we advise to not eat at least 45 minutes prior to viewing.

So congratulation’s goes out to Ralph Timms who is this year’s winner of The Teddy Roosevelt Fine Art Competition.  Your certificate is in the mail and you will be able to use your Shaw’s gift card at any New England location. Well Done Mr. Timms, we like your gusto.

Basically, the commission was impressed by the way Mr. Timms portrayed Teddy with vigor and class and really showcased his love of the outdoors without needing any words.  It was an added bonus to see TR with good friend and outdoor enthusiast John Muir.  It encompassed every thing the Commission was looking for.  Way to go Ralph and feel free to send anything you are working on in to The Shade for review.


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