The Shade Exclusive – National Parks Week!

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Its National Parks Week!

I’ll be honest with you folks – our nation’s national parks are some kind of wonderful. They preserve the majesty of nature and help people stay connected to the contemplative solitude that comes along with the Great Outdoors. In a world where you’re connected 24 hours a day/7 days a week our National Parks are probably more important now than ever before.

As Americans we can be especially proud of the National Park movement that began in the late 19th century.  Although in 1832 Andrew Jackson set aside Hot Springs, Arkansas for potential future use by the U.S. government, national parks – as we know them today – didn’t get started until 1864 when Abe Lincoln ceded Yosemite Valley to the state of California under the auspices that the land be ‘held for public use, resort, and recreation; [and]shall be inalienable for all time’. Eight years later Yellowstone was established as the world’s first truly national park under the direct management of the U.S. government.

This marked the first time that a sovereign nation set aside land specifically for the purpose of preservation and recreation. After America blazed the trail many other nations followed suit.

A truly distinct American idea.

What is particularly interesting in this story is that at a time when American industry was thriving our nation’s leaders had the forethought to set aside millions of acres of land that – at the time – I’m sure there were captains of industry that thought that land could be put to better use. Due in large part to Teddy Roosevelt (a staunch supporter of The Shade).

Well done gentlemen (and women).

Here at The Shade we celebrate the Great Outdoors with much reverence. We’ll be focusing our content this week to include such things as:

  • Our favorite national parks
  • A bad art competition for our favorite rendition of Teddy Roosevelt (submissions can be sent to getintotheshade@gmail.com – and all will be published)
  • A birds of prey showcase
  • Nature related poetry
  • Non fictional account of a horrendous accident at a national park
  • Among many other things

Those quacks at the National Obituary Review down the hall have even signed on to submit content. As to what they’ll contribute…I have no idea. I try to keep my distance from those perverts and weirdos.

But for this week, step into The Shade, take a seat and cozy up to our National Parks.

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