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Dead Person of the Day April 17 – Dan Federici

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If you don’t have the time to watch the entire video above please fast forward to the 3:30 mark before reading.



Hailing from Flemmington NJ we have the Minister of Mystery….Mr. Dan Federici.  What an intro from The Boss eh?The man Bruce Springsteen once described as “one of the pillars of our [The E Street Band] sound.  I’m sorry, but the accolades just don’t get better than that.

Like a gospel group, the E Street Band includes two keyboardists, one usually playing piano and the other an organ. Mr. Federici was the organist – and more specifically the Hammond B-3 ). If you’ve been following along at home you know that the Hammond in an inter-galactic foundation of funk and vital for any band that’s worth a shit. So, being responsible for all that is no short order. Mr. Federici took that responsibility and made it his own. He also played accordion for songs like “4th of July, Asbury Park.

Mr. Federici was also in the foreground with the organ solo on the 1980 hit “Hungry Heart.” At times, to give the E Street Band its chiming, Phil Spector sound onstage, he played a keyboard-operated glockenspiel, one of few in existence.

In a band with larger-than-life characters such as saxophonist The Big Man Clarence Clemons and bandana-wrapped guitarist “Little” Steven Van Zandt, Federici was content to play in his familiar position to the side of the stage. But his playing was as vital to Springsteen’s live show as any instrument in the band.

Now, spread your legs a little more so I can get the obit in there.


Danny Federici, 58, Artist in Springsteen’s Band, Dies


Published: April 19, 2008

Danny Federici, a keyboardist for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band since it was formed in the early 1970s, died on Thursday. He was 58 and lived in Manhattan.

His death, at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan, was caused by melanoma, according to Mr. Springsteen’s Web site, Continue 

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