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Dead Person of the Day March 23 – Cindy Walker

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Cindy Walker was the belle of country music back when it was called country and western and truly represented the plight of heartland Americans – even then an ever dwindling breed.

On a trip to Hollywood in 1941 she sold a song to Bing Crosby and soon later she was signed to his record label – Decca. Her most well known composition, You Don’t Know Me, was written in 1956 for a gentlemen named Eddy Arnold (whoever the hell that is). BUT the song went on to gain much notoriety when it was covered by Ray Charles in 1962.

Not just pigeonholed in country she wrote crossover hits for Patty Page and wrote Roy Orbison’s Dream Baby (great song).

A woman after my own heart Walker’s niece once said “She lived for hamburgers, ice cream, pencil and paper.”

She can pal around with me whenever.

Obits on a fryday – all is right in the world!


Cindy Walker – Keeping Up The Country Standards

The Guardian,

Country music, no less than mainstream pop, has its library of standards, songs that are tirelessly reshaped for successive generations. In a long, productive life, the songwriter Cindy Walker, who has died aged 87, created such enduring pieces as Warm Red Wine, Distant Drums and I Don’t Care, which were hits not only on their first appearance but again decades later. Continue

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