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Dead Person of the Day March 22 – Jade Goody

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Wow Folks,

This story is unreal. The complete evolution of a person. The transformation of the public perception of Goody tells it all. Initially mocked as a backwoods, racist nitwit to attracting kind words from a head of state and finally doing massive public good through inspiring legislation.

Full disclosure…I had never heard of this woman before she became a person of interest during the midday NOR meeting. In the course of this obit Goody is compared to both Kim Kardashian and Princess Diana. I didn’t think it could be possible either had I not read it.

She came to fame by her involvement on Big Brother in the UK. By 2002 she was being chastised in the media for being ‘dim, mouthy and libidinous on a reality show’. Among other things she reportedly thought a ferret was a bird, an abscess a green drink from France, Pistachio painted the Mona Lisa and a sense of humor was a sixth sense. Seriously.

The press was calling for her head (and the British press is ruthless…just see the recent phone hacking scandal). After she was booted from the show she spent the next 5 years becoming a millionaire from her property portfolio, her fitness video, a perfume and a show called Jade’s Salon on Living TV which captured the goings on at her beauty salon, called Ugly’s.

This is just the beginning of illustrious career.

She was invited back for a celebrity Big Brother in 2007 and almost caused an international incident because of her insistence on racial degradation of Shelpa Shelly (a famous Bollywood actress). The attention to the incident caused such a stir Gordon Brown had to publicly condemn Goody during a trip to India (he would later come to be a supporter of her). In a series of attempts at making good on her barrage of racial epitaphs to Shelpa Shetty in August 2008, Goody went on Bigg Boss, India’s Big Brother.

While in the house she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Boom, game changer.

I’ll let the obit take it from here. I encourage you to read it. Some say Goody’s story is just another road sign on the highway of the decline of western civilization. You could argue it’s a story of redemption. Me, I only argue when there’s an all you can eat buffet involved.

Its obit time

When Jade Goody, who has died aged 27 of cancer, was evicted from the Big Brother house in Elstree, Hertfordshire, in July 2002, the mood was medieval. Mobs chanted “Burn the pig” as she walked down the runway into the chill clutches of Davina McCall, the host of the Channel 4 television reality show. The People had already branded the 20-year-old “Miss Piggy” on account of her appearance, and ran headlines such as “Ditch the witch” and “Gobby Jade is public enemy no 1”. For a moment, it seemed that a vulnerable and evidently poorly educated woman was going to be lynched – certainly figuratively – for the 21st-century crimes of being dim, mouthy and libidinous on a reality show. Continue

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