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Dead Person of the Day March 15 – Mikey Dread

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A reggae legend of the first degree. Personally, I think reggae music is like chicken soup for the soul. When things in life slip into hyper mode it helps slow it down and plug into the visceral rhythm of human nature we all have in us….somewhere.

Thanks to Mikey Dread (and the innovative vision of The Clash – and particularly Joe Strummer) we have the beautiful intersection of gritty punk rock and melodic reggae rhythms spawning such bands as Sublime, Rancid and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Hey, don’t blame the creators just blame the lack of creativity afterwards…

I, for one, wouldn’t be the same without it. So, as a personal message from the NOR, thanks for holding the vibes.


Mikey Dread: Renaissance man of reggae

Just as punk rock was peaking in the UK in 1977, a young technician called Michael Campbell took on a graveyard shift as a DJ at the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC). He adopted the radio name of “Mikey Dread”, and the show soon earned him national and then international celebrity, helping to popularise “dub” reggae. It also brought him to the attention of the British rockers The Clash, and reggae veterans UB40, both of whom Dread eventually recorded and toured with. Continue

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