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Dead Person of the Day March 14 – Ann Calvello

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Wow, lots of things happening here that are borderline over-stimulating to yours truly. For example:

#1 Ms Calvello is the pride of Newport RI. Yes!

#2 Not only was Ms Calvello a Roller Derby icon but she also served as the inspiration for the Oompa Loompa look from the Wizard of Oz.

#3 I once saw Ms Calvello take 5 consecutive shots of Jagermeister, French kiss an 85 year old man, sing ‘Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love” on stage, then ride off in the sunset on a scooter. All happened at Rusty’s Bar, Middletown RI in 2004. Fact…and it was amazing.

Furthermore. Let Ms Calvello’s obits serve as a prime example of the supremacy of the NYT’s editorial staff over the L.A. Times. The L.A Times effort is tired, vague and lackluster – at best 4 out of 10 lytles. On the other hand the NYT’s rendition is poignant, informative and goes out of its way to capture the contextual details of American culture and Calvello’s influence on it during her time. Easily 6.5 lyltes.

Lets get on with it.

Ann Calvello, 76, Roller Derby Legend, Dies.


Published: March 17, 2006

Ann Calvello, whose bad-girl attitude, madcap makeup, polka-dot hair and savage style of play made her a legend in the flamboyantly indecorous sport-cum-circus that is roller derby, died on Tuesday at a hospital near her home in San Bruno, Calif. She was 76.

The cause was liver cancer, her partner, Bill Prieto, told The Associated Press.

To her fans, she was known as Banana-Nose, and as she outlasted other roller pioneers — skating in every decade from the 1940’s to this one — Ms. Calvello was unofficially crowned the Roller Derby Queen. Other printable nicknames included Meanest Mama on Skates. Continue

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