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Dead Person of the Day March 13 – Owsley Stanley

0 Comments 13 March 2012


Owsley Stanley, LSD creator and shaman died on this day last year…2011.

I know what you’re thinking…Robert Baker, creator of the chicken nugget and notable scientist, should have taken the honors for today’s DPD. But I’ll say this – for better or worse Owsley Stanley had a significant influence on the contemporary American Psyche during one of our most tumultuous and transformative times as a country.

Sure, some might say he was a looney b/c he emigrated to the tropical Australian state of Queensland in the early 1980s because he was fearful of a new ice age. Others would say he was ahead of his time. I know a guy that thinks ‘going amphibious’ will be en vogue within the next two eons, and he loves pleats. So, you tell me?

Personally I think there’s a visceral human desire for release. Some psychologists say this same desire is what compels kids to spin around until they’re dizzy as shit. Me, I think kids are just stupid but what do I know?

I know this – someone who gives a good outlet for expression should be acknowledged in a positive way.

Lets do it.

Psychedelic icon Owsley Stanley dies in Australia

The renegade grandson of a former governor of Kentucky, Stanley helped lay the foundation for the psychedelic era by producing more than a million doses of LSD at his labs in San Francisco’s Bay Area.

“He made acid so pure and wonderful that people like Jimi Hendrix wrote hit songs about it and others named their band in its honor,” former rock ‘n’ roll tour manager Sam Cutler wrote in his 2008 memoirs “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Continue

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