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Dead Person of the Day February 22 – Andy Warhol

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Just an amazing all around DPD today. Say what you will about the artistic merit of Warhol’s creations, but he stuck his needle into a vein of mid 20th century consciousness that was real. In my opinion, as a so-called avant-garde artist he certainly made ‘high art’ much more accessible to the lay man. Perhaps he was the inspiration for the “Me Generation” that sprouted up in the mid-late 70s and through the 80s?

I found this bit particularly poignant from the following obit:

“When the boundary separating art and fashion was breached, so was the dividing line between high art and popular culture, and upon all those institutions and professions which had been painstakingly created to preserve high art from the corruptions of popular culture the effect was devastating”

I’m not sure anything said above is such a bad thing. Congrats to The New Criterion for their first DPD appearance.

Lets get our obit on!

May 1987

The death of Andy Warhol

by Hilton Kramer

The death of Andy Warhol was bound to be a media event, and so it was. For the media, after all, it was like a death in the family. Here was a figure who was famous for being famous, for knowing the famous, and for serving as an avatar of fame, and nothing so pleases the media as an opportunity to celebrate one of their own creations. The front-page obituary in The New York Times, the special segment on the MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour, the cover story in New York magazine, not to mention the many pictures and news stories in the daily tabloids and on the network news programs—the coverage could hardly have been better (or worse) if Warhol himself had orchestrated it. Which, in a sense, he had. Continue

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