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Dead Person of the Day February 17 – Concita Cintron

0 Comments 17 February 2012

The NOR is proud to present today’s DPD. We have a fascinating subject and quite possibly and even better piece of obit writing.

Concita Cintron – The most famous female bullfighter of all time.

Born to a Rican–born graduate of West Point and a businessman and an American woman of Irish decent she had a fair look that scored her the nickname “Golden Goddess”.

Began touring Latin America’s then thriving bullfighting circuit as not just a professional but as one of the biggest draws of each event. She went on to fight in Spain, Portugal, France and throughout North and South America.

She was beloved and on top of her game. After reading the account from the 1950 fight in Spain I’m speechless.

Now for the obit.

I know its early. But The Economist of all places just put a strong showing in for best DPD for 2012.

Conchita Cintrón Verill, bullfighter, died on February 17th, aged 86

May 5, 2009

FOUR in the afternoon is the vital time in bullfighting. Most corridas start then, when the declining sun shines full in the bull’s eyes, dazzling him. And that was the only time Conchita Cintrón felt afraid. Behind the closed gates of the patio de cuadrillas, mounted and ready, she would feel a sudden lightning bolt to the pit of the stomach, the realisation that she didn’t know how the bull would be, or what was about to happen. At that moment, everyone was quiet. All she could hear was the tinkling harness of the mules that would drag the bull out of the ring, the chink of spur on stirrup, “and the voice of some well-intentioned supporter wishing you luck, and you can hardly bear to give him your hand.” Then the gates swung open, the trumpets blared out, “and it’s just God, the bull and the bullfighter.” Continue

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