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Dead Person of the Day February 15 – Joe Cuba

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Gilberto Calderon, otherwise known as Joe Cuba, was one hell of a salsa musician. His vision helped streamline a style of music that had traditionally been played by orchestras to a sextet tons of percussion and a lot of zazz. The simplicity, style and overall pop of his sound helped make salsa music more accessible to people that may have no customarily listened to it. In the world of music that is always something to be commended.

Now….for the obit:

The read-ability if fine. The reliability all checks out. But what about the legacy? Brutal. Ms. Sanchez went overboard on her depth of coverage of Cuba’s illnesses. Normally I like hearing about health problems and ultimately the cause of death. Its something that has gotten away from obit writing since the Marco Thompson debacle of 1951. But its important. Ms. Sanchez, while I appreciate the effort, was a bit misguided and I only afford 3.5 out of 10 Lytles for the obit. Enjoy the salsa music awesome-ness for the day though

NYC salsa band leader Joe Cuba dies at 78

By Laura N. Perez Sanchez, Associated Press Writer

SAN JUAN — Salsa band leader Joe Cuba, dubbed the “Father of Latin Boogaloo” for weaving a fluid, bilingual mix of musical influences, died Sunday in New York City, a member of his group said. He was 78.

The musician, a friend and contemporary of the late salsa giant Tito Puente, died from complications of a persistent bacterial infection at Mount Sinai Medical Center a day after doctors disconnected his life support, said Cheo Feliciano, a longtime friend and singer in the Joe Cuba Sextet. Cuba had fought the infection for several years. Continue 

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