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Richard Brautigan’s Birthday….Today

0 Comments 31 January 2012

There is a small office down at the end of the hall here at the NOR. Its reserved for times when staff members feel light, airy and generally full of a mixture of Pez and the American Spirit. We call it The Lighter Side.

From time to time The Lighter Side likes to deviate from celebrating all things final and recognize a birthday, anniversary or some other important event that you life lubbers typically get all hot and bothered about.

Well today is one of those days. Richard Brautigan is a perpetual staff pick here and often times keeps us tethered when we very much wish to become untethered. Very much so. SO, read some of his work and go where the crows go, and know what the crows know. Below is one of my favorites.



“1 / The Curve of Forgotten Things”
Things slowly curve out of sight
until they are gone. Afterwards
only the curve

“2 / Fresh Paint”
Why is it when I walk past funeral parlors
they remind me of the smell of fresh paint
and I can feel the smell in my stomach?
It does not feel like food.

“3 / A Telescope, A Planetarium, A Firmament of Crows”
It is a very dark place
without stars,
and even when you arrive there
twenty minutes early,
. . . you are late.

“4 / The Shadow of Seven Years’ Bad Luck”
A face concocted from leftovers of other faces
needs a mirror put together from pieces of
broken mirrors.

“5 / Comet Telegram”
Two words:


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