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Dead Person of the Day January 26 – Lewis Mumford

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Lewis Mumford is a man after my own heart. Well before the advent of ubiquitous technology condensed our life Mumford was warning people that more technology meant less connection to each other and our environment.

Described more succinctly by Mumford himself:

”It is not the apparatus of the machine that’s wrong, but the organized cult of machinery that is really evil,”

And finally a personal favorite quote of mine:

“For in a mature society, man himself, and not his machines or his organizations, is the chief work of art.”

Amen, screw the internet!

Lewis Mumford, a Visionary Social Critic, Dies at 94

Lewis Mumford (October 19, 1895 – January 26, 1990)

Lewis Mumford, a philosopher, literary critic, historian, city planner, cultural and political commentator, essayist and perspicacious writer on the subject of architecture, died on Friday at his home in Amenia, N.Y. He was 94 years old. Continue

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