Password Retention by T.W. Snicket

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Password Retention by T.W. Snicket

Living with girls you start to understand (in general) their humor, flaws, sensitivities, and worries.
This, in turn,  allows for a certain sense of freedom to look at or through.
Very liberating

I never went to summer camp but I bet I would have won an award.
Most likely any of the games revolved around ropes, wheels, or science experiments.
1st prize!
People would clap

If your really excited about something that deserves a clap
You should spit on your hands first.
Make sure somebody sees you.
Then wink.

Graduating from College is the most pathetic thing
And Fuck You if you say otherwise.
I hear “well you never would have met so and so if you never went”
I bet I would have.
(in general) Some of the smartest people I ever met didn’t graduate from that money hole.
Take that to the bank and have it bounce.

I pride myself on password retention.
Is there an award for that?
Who would judge that?
I need to win an event that makes the local news only.

Do you know when the next event you could enter and possibly win is?
Find it
And Enter.
1st Prize


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