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Oklahoma: America’s Contained Rash – Part I

0 Comments 20 January 2012

After staying in Oklahoma four days one thing I can say for certain is that no human being should be subjected to this state for more than 48 hours, unless of course you’re a murderer, rapist, thief, pedophile, or any other sinner for that matter. And even still that’s only if you believe in capital punishment. Oklahoma is comparable to back acne. Its gross, nobody likes to look at it, and the only reason you know about it is because you saw a glimpse of it once but never wanted to look again. To be honest I was lucky to get out alive.

At first I thought the trip was a good idea. After all, I was missing work and had the opportunity to travel (under normal circumstances this would be the ideal situation). Then it hit me, the day I was supposed to fly….Oklahoma! What have I done? What will I do there? Is there any way out of it? After researching how much it would cost me to cancel the tickets I decided to sack up and keep an open mind. As soon as I landed I knew that I was in over my head.

As I touched the ground I saw a cloud of dust burst into the air like when you sit down on a musty couch that hasn’t been touched in years. When I got off the plane a foul smell pelted me in the face and violated my nostrils. I wanted to run back on the plane and hide in the bathroom. But I refused to let this wretched state get the best of me so quickly. The battle was on.

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