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I wanted to take this opportunity to report on a recent rift in the obit-o-sphere. The above video describes a new product – the post death video. Sure, the passage of time has given us many incarnations of post death reminders people can leave for their loved ones after they perish. The will or perhaps the death mask – which we’ve written about recently.

The post death video is a fascinating evolution in communicating beyond the third dimension. As we know new technology has given people a greater sense of independence vs. any other time in our past 2000 year history. All in one hour we routinely do things such as:

  • Manage our personal finances
  • Scan and bag our own groceries
  • Research a sickness
  • Look up directions

The list goes on. With the increase of self-documentation of one’s life the spill over into obituaries only seems natural. The NOR is a firm believer that a great obituary is like keeping your celestial lawn mowed for eternity.

So take it seriously people. Don’t let a misinformed, vitriolic video of you sitting in front of your desk be your legacy. You deserve better and your family deserves better.

When it comes to preserving your legacy in an obit…trust a professional


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