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National Live Music Day – January 5

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To Whom It May Inspire,

Live music gives soul to the universe, flight to the imagination and life to pretty much everything under the sun. When done right its electric. For any of you that have attended a concert on a Friday night and have experience the collective sigh of relief from the audience when the first note rings out ….you know what I’m talking about.

For me, attending live music has always been as close to a religious experience I’ve ever had (minus that one time with Arthur at the RMV). Not every one of course, but there are moments. Its hot. The music is loud and saying something. Everything you think you know drops off and you get loose. You become part of The Movement. Not anything social or political. Its more of a physical, visceral thing. The bass starts to make your throat tingle and your loins sizzle. You can’t be more in the present when this moment happens. Embrace it.

Don’t think too much about it, just enjoy. Kiss a boy, or girl. Smile. Shake your booty and try to sweat as much as possible. Do your best to ‘get caught up in it’ in whatever way suits you best.

National Music Day is a staff favorite here at The Shade home offices. We’re knocking off early today to have a few wine spritzers and enjoy some of our favorite live performers. I’ll leave you with a personal favorite of mine…Mr. Robert Randolph. I’d love to hear a few of yours so please leave a comment with a link.

Adventure is out there.


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