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Dead Person of the Day January 5 – Momofuku Ando

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Simply an amazing day in the Obit-o-sphere. Throughout the afternoon, while the staff was busily listening to Gregorian chants and whittling the DPD list down, we noticed a theme with today’s finalists. A motivational and inspirational theme.

Both finalists came from modest beginnings and experienced a fair amount of life erosion before hitting it big. These types of stories makes a body feel good. At least it makes me feel good. Perhaps all my time spent trying to develop a casino resort specifically for the blind won’t be for naught?

But anyways…we’re not here to talk about me we’re here to talk about Mr. Ando. What a guy eh? For those of you out there that have never tasted the easy deliciousness of Ramen noodles….treat yourself. Go ahead…DO IT! You deserve it.

Up until hitting it big Mr. Ando’s success was a bit spotty. He had sold dress fabrics, engine-parts, prefabricated houses, magic-lantern projectors, socks. He presided over a credit association, which had gone bust, and tried to launch a scholarship scheme for poor students, which had landed him in jail for tax evasion. Yeesh, but I do admire his gusto!

I’ll let the obit take it over from here. But before I go I’d like to give a shout out to the Economist for making their first appearance on the NOR. Nice job fellas! Way to get your nose out of the goddam spreadsheets for 5 minutes. Oh, and if you’d like to see the other finalists check out our twitter page

Momofuku Ando  (March 5, 1910 – January 5, 2007)

an 18th 2007 | from the print edition

FOR centuries men and women have turned to the east for the secret of life, health and happiness. But Momofuku Ando taught that there is no need to climb half-naked up a mountain peak, or meditate for hours on a prayer-mat, or knot one’s legs round one’s neck while intoning “Om” through the higher nasal passages. One should simply

Peel off lid.
Pour boiling water.
Steep for three minutes.
Stir well and serve.

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