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0 Comments 08 December 2011

Dear Norman,

I’m typically a fantastic dresser.  I blend colors and styles so well that it would make your mother blush.  Lately however, I’ve found myself in a creative lull fashion-wise.  Pastels just aren’t popping the way the way they used to.  Its getting to the point that I feel my style well has all dried up.  What do suggest I do to get over this creative hump?

Dried up in Texarkana


Dear Dried Up,

What a comedian! You are either good friends with Lawrence Welk or don’t know my mother. Boy, those were the day won’t they!

Listen. I’ve been there. I mean…when you think your creative juju bean has been rubbed one too many. Lost your mojo, as it were. Have a shadow soul shakedown and remember where your righteousness comes from! Put together old outfits, and wear them. Look at photos. Talk to friends. If your dressing prowess is what you say it is than trust yourself to re-ignite the interest in the hot funk foam.  If you’ve drank from the steel chalice once, you’ll always remember how to put your mouth to the mouthpiece (and in what order)!

Of course, if that doesn’t work I recommend listening to Pastels Of My Life by Struggling in the Back Seat on repeat with a fine glass of port.

Thanks for writing,


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