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Dead Person Of the Day November 30 – Pierre Berton

0 Comments 30 November 2011

Yes, its two in a row. NO – I’m not going rouge.

Ok, Ok. I realize the Canadian-ness of the DPD’s has been a bit overboard this week. But first, let me say this –  Dead Person of the Day, and the National Obituary Review in general, is an equal opportunity entity and certainly does NOT discriminate by way of race, religion, haircut preference, or how you prefer to eat your ice cream sundaes.


Secondly, Pierre Berton (as well as Leslie Nielsen) is a stellar human. Sure, the above video pokes fun at smoking weed. At times it can be a fun-filled recreational activity! But he also had a lot to say….as evidenced here. Also, if a Canadian made a case that Berton was the Mark Twain of our funny neighbors to the north…..I wouldn’t make much of an argument. I’ll let Warren Gerard of the Toronto Star take it from here….

Pierre Francis de Marigny Berton, CC, OOnt (July 12, 1920 – November 30, 2004)

The indefatigable writer, Pierre Berton, died yesterday “after a long battle with life.”

It was the way he wanted his death described. In a column published in the Star in 1994, he wrote: “According to accepted newspaper clichés, we all go down fighting.

The other day I even read that an 18-month-old baby had died after a long battle with cancer. “That has become the mandatory phrase for all who expire, disease-ridden. They battled valiantly; they lost. When I finally depart I hope somebody will write, instead, that I died after a long battle with life.” Continue


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