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0 Comments 28 November 2011

Hi Norman, I recently moved to San Diego and I’ve been encountering some problems with my nostrils.  Lately my boogers have been so sticky they don’t come out with the normal nose blow.  I’ve tried the tissue over the finger thing and have been experiencing some problems with this method.  Some times the tissue rips and sometimes the tissue particles cause this allergic reaction and I end up sneezing for hours.  I fear that until nose picking becomes socially acceptable I’m going to be in a lot of trouble.  Are you aware of any nostril cleaning spa treatments or can you provide any other suggestions?


They’re stuck up there in San Diego




If nose picking isn’t socially acceptable its news to me. I find any type of conquest thrilling and that particular endeavor ripe with manliness. But I’ve been behind the times before so just in case….for any type of nasal build-up I always go with Peruvian hot sauce and Forrest Gump. If one doesn’tget it done, the other will. I don’t know what it is but that movie always makes me cry sometimes!

Thanks for writing Stuck and watch out for all those sailors down there.



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