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Dead Person of the Day November 22 – Michael Hutchence

0 Comments 22 November 2011


The day is pregnant with terrific obits. I went through 2.5 bottles of Dr. Nut before I settled on Michael Hutchence. And let me tell you, I’m glad I did.

I feel comfortable saying Hutchence was last of a dying breed of epic rock stars. Not to mention when you look at it on paper, INXS’ collection is fairly prolific. There, I said it.

The guy was a singer, songwriter, actor and not to hard on the eyes. At one point circa 1990 (as the obit suggests) Hutchence was as big if not bigger than Bono.

Not only that but his obit refers to him this way:

“Michael Hutchence will be remembered for his sexual magnetism and animal presence and some of the last 10 years’ most memorable hit singles.”

We all should be so lucky

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