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Top Ten Places to Take A girl on a date in 1996

0 Comments 18 November 2011

10. Mini Golf at Fiddlesticks Carts and Games

9. She has you over to watch Friends (her fav is Phoebe, b/c she’s so kooky)

8. Friday night down at Alley Cat Lanes

7. Taking her out with friends to try a Beer in there fort (make sure nudie mags aren’t out)

6. The Varsity Football Game, with potential for Friday night necking afterwards!

5. Public Skating

4. The State Fair (go ahead and go for that big ol’ stuffed animal)

3. Being escorted by Dad to the Hootie and the Blowfish summer tour

2. Jerry Maguire (December 13, 1996)

1. House party at Lindsey Thompson’s b/c her parents are away


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