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Top 10 American Authors

2 Comments 11 November 2011

Reading the most recent submission from Skipjack today The Shade home offices were aflitter with discussion of Great American Authors. So, we went out and bought a six pack of Sunny D and put on reruns of The Jeffersons and had ourselves a good think. Here’s what we came up with.

10. Norman Mailer – Last of dying breed of badass writers that you’d want to hang out with (similar to # 4). He stabbed his second wife for pete’s sake! Now we’re let with the likes of Rick Moody who just seems like a whiney loser. Sorry

9. Stephen King – The depths of his perversion are legendary. Granted it was the movie but when I saw IT when i was about 12 I didn’t sleep for weeks.

8. Brautigan – You probably don’t know about him but should. Ahead of his time, if such a thing even exists.

7. Tom Robbins – Whenever I read his books I find myself doing additional research ranging from the Dogon tribes of northern Africa and their communication with aliens to the health benefits and best ways to prepare a beet

6. Fitzgerald – Glamorized the Jazz Age and truly gave America a little class…..right before the bottom fell out.

5. Steinbeck –  Similar to #6 Steinbeck did an amazing job of capturing America as it unfolded at perhaps one if its tumultuous times. Stimulating stuff.

4. Hunter S. Thompson –  He was the literary world’s version of Miles Davis. The birth of cool = the birth of gonzo

3. Vonnegut – I think Vonnegut took Steinbeck’s form a bit further in that he made the beautiful simple. He also balanced pointing an accusing finger at perils of American culture without sounding like a dick. Truly an art form.

2. Hemingway – A true Renaissance man. Sportsman, sailor, artist, womanizer, writer. Who wouldn’t want to kill drinks with Hemingway and disparage sissies? If such a person exists I’m not interested in meeting them. Or playing Connect 4 with them for that matter.

1. Twain – This wasn’t a hard decision folks. Twain gave America a voice when it desperately needed an identify. In a way Twain legitimized American ideals abroad because he defined them and made them accessible.

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  1. Johnny says:

    Enjoy the list. Thought King would be higher on the list.

  2. Where’s William Shakespeare?!?!?!

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