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Top 10 Things To Say ‘Yes’ To

3 Comments 04 November 2011

10. Shall I wrap this up?

9. Is this your wallet?

8. Are you judging me?

7. I have an extra ticket to the Rod Stewart Concert do you want to go?

6. I am getting rid of these vinyl records do you want them?

5. Does anyone want the rest of this prescription I don’t need them?

4. Would you like another cold one?

3. Do you want to come upstairs?

2. Should we have an abortion?

1. Do you want another one just in case?

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  1. T.W. Snicket says:

    Can not believe these were not included:

    Do you want to dance? – YES

    Your really still going to vote for Obama (A big Fuck YES)

    No? – YES

    Can I help you up – YES

  2. I Wish Paul Rudd Was Here says:

    Would you like some more mashed potatoes?

    Do I look fat in this?

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