Reaching A Limit, Then Breaking Through

Reaching a limit, then breaking through (The Third Movement)

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In what seemed like hours his hands finished sliding down his face, then his arms flopped to the sides as he stared at them. I’ve never seen a look like that before. Dejection, anger, misery, rage all supported with a lingering sense of motivation.

“I don’t know” he hissed. “This is a deli. You come here, tell me what you want, and I cut. End of story. How do I know what is sausage spicy”. As he said sausage he fingers went up indicating quotation marks.

“I’ve got customers waiting, and you’re holding up the line”. As he mentioned the customers he looked at me and nodded. I nodded back acknowledging I hated this bitch and her antics as well.

We had bonded.

Sally Shithead and her bonehead boyfriend were mortified. Mouths hanging open, they were scared stiff. Not to mention that the girl had been gnawing away on something that was now sticking out of the side of her mouth. It took a few seconds but they came to.

“Fine, forget it. “ she said in a huffy way as she shuffled away. In the distance I could hear them talking about how rude he was and how offended they were. There’s a ridiculous notion…being offended by someone telling you what is actually happening. Being offended when the reality you have created is actually brought to your attention.

Here I was face to face, eye to eye with the man that had haunted me for months, completely in awe of his moxie. He looked at me for a second.

“These people. They come here and have all these questions. How the hell am I supposed to know? You tell me what you want and I cut. I’ve got customers waiting that know what they want. Do you want to spend an hour at the deli counter waiting for someone to make up their mind?”

I shook my head.

He looked off in the distance as the couple made their way past the frozen meat section then looked back at me. In that look we shared a sense of communal suffering that comes with the march of life. We connected. I knew that suffering and felt it often. My hatred melted away. I realized that he and I were the same. He’d just been worn down a little more by life’s erosion. Who’s to say I won’t either?

I ordered my turkey breast and when he heaved it at me I didn’t even want to order a half pound of American cheese even though he lingered.

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