Juan Jose Padilla – That’s a Gore

0 Comments 13 October 2011

On October 8th:

A Spanish bullfighter is recovering from a five-hour operation to repair his face after a terrifying goring.

Television images showed the moment when the bull’s left horn ripped into Juan Jose Padilla’s lower jaw to emerge beside his protruding eyeball as spectators screamed in horror in the north-eastern Spanish city of Zaragoza.

The hospital spokesman said Mr Padilla had suffered eye, bone, muscle and skin damage when the bull pinned him to the ground and gored him.

TV footage also showed the badly injured Mr Padilla fleeing the ring while the bull was distracted by bullring assistants.

“I can’t see, I can’t see anything,” the matador shouted as he was taken to the medical centre at the Misericordia bullring before being taken to hospital.

The bull, named Marques, weighed more than 500kg and was the second fighting beast Mr Padilla had faced during day two of the annual Virgen del Pilar festivities in Zaragoza.

Surgeons used titanium plates and mesh to reconstruct parts of his facial bone structure and eye socket.

One of Mr Padilla’s bullring assistants said he was lucky the horn did not penetrate his brain.


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