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Put my dog down and Fired

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Put my dog down and Fired
By T.W. Snicket


How do I even keep walking?


Oh shit

Was I in an accident?


— Sir can you hear me






Yes I hear you


—Does anyone know his name?




— Sir can you hear me. Look at me sir. Here


Fuck ya I see you. Stop yelling


— He is not responding. Do not let him look down

— Hold his head down. Apply the tourniquet


Where are My legs


— The ambulance is on its way


Can they not hear me? Hey. You.  Shithead

I am not speaking

Something is not


— Sir stay with us. You are going to make it


Man does today suck



Poetry, The Written Word

It has to go

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old couch

How old are the
Pens and Pencils
we use
the ones
we toss

What can we ask
friends who
do not understand
the questions
we wonder about

The middle of
my couch is
caved in

It is going to bother
more and more

maybe Friday or
the Friday after that
I will
buy a new couch
with no money down

Poetry, The Written Word

The Show Tonight by T.W. Snicket

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Staring at you, staring at me

The Show Tonight/Inside Sailing through the Night


If you Messes

Weren’t here

And the Band

Didn’t show up

I would be home

Wishing both

Of those

Things had happened

Pages of Prose, Poetry, The Written Word

We hiked over my limit I think

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Reading is Fun

Laughing is Fun

Smiling is Fun

Silence is Fun

Awkwardness can be Fun

We all want life to

Be a simple

Handshake with the world


I am here

I have time

I am ready

Are you Ready


To Smile

To have fun

To be yourself






Wednesday Poem of the Week: Pain and Stretching by T.W. Snicket

No Comments 04 June 2015


Pain and Stretching by T.W. Snicket

As the back goes so does the brain
If you could deal with pain
with no precautions
well then what
pull your eyeball out and look at it with the other
decide you do not need those toes

Pain makes us
Pain is sometimes a simple walk
other times a broken heart
Pain is missing a girl who
Maybe does not exist any more
Pain is thinking that is true
Truth is pain can be a hard pill
Truth is pain can mean a trip to your Old Doc
Or Shrink
Sometimes it can be the same affliction.

Maybe stretching  is the key.
I am hearing that.

We do all technically stretch. During this life we’ve grown up and down.
From nothing to life to work.

Fuck that word. Work
Sorry. I got off my train of thought.

Ya that is it
Stretching is living
Stretching is life

And it is a beautiful and sometimes
hard to deal with situation

But maybe
and just maybe
We need to stretch ourselves again

Our imaginations, our dreams, our goals, our PHILOSOPHY

Thompson, Hunter S.

These men had ideas on how to live.  Not how to live in the world
that you just so happen to be in.  But your own

Living in your own world.
Deliberation must be had
And after said deliberation

Maybe those Conclusions have to do with your current, past, or unknowable future

Maybe I did not deliberate enough tonight
and just maybe

Just Maybe
It is a Johnnie Walker Black Night.


Wednesday Poem of the Week: The Dance by T.W. Snicket

No Comments 11 March 2015


The Dance by T.W. Snicket

Grounded but

the movement is


She drinks like

a sailor

but holds it together well

She may be doing Cocaine

She may be Bipolar

But tonight

She is a Star


Wednesday Poem of the Week: A night in Jackson Hole by T.W. Snicket

No Comments 25 February 2015

jackson hole

A night in Jackson Hole by T.W. Snicket

Singing Whistling
doing drugs
She might very well be my next
Ex Wife
Smells great but I can Not
Put my finger on the
Wow is she making me
I need to do something to
Impress her
Quick Tim Grab me that wig


The Beatles Rooftop Concert 1969 London

No Comments 28 January 2015


7am at Porter Square – by T.W. Snicket

No Comments 18 October 2014


7am at Porter Square by T.W. Snicket

I met a T conductor today
He did not look well
He looked like me
Bagged eyes
Questionable head movements
He was out last night

We made eye contact and knew immediately
we suffered from the same affliction

I ask
Long night my friend
He replies
Too long but it sure was eventful
Where you heading?
Just starting my shift bud

Over the loud speaker we hear
Braintree train is now approaching
Time to back the grind he says
Excuse me
Sorry I meant back to the grind
I hear ya man but don’t stop having that fun.
Fucking Boston man. Great Women.
Oh ya

Where you heading I said again somehow forgetting that I just said these exact words seconds ago?
Back and forth back and forth

My hangover kicks in to full gear during these
minutes of now silent waiting
Back and Forth I think.

As the Red Line to Braintree pulled in
I watched him shake a conductors hand
and get situated in his chair.

I then heard over the loud speaker in a
voice all too familiar.
Next Stop Harvard


Making It by T.W. Snicket

No Comments 12 September 2014

Making It by T.W. Snicket

What do you do when your friends are making it?

Making it being the phrase used to identify that you:

are not living in your parents house but own one

are married

have a child

got a promotion

had something published

got a role in a fantastic new show

What do you do when not only that but you know you have talent
That if you could just get that chance
And by the way how in the hell did he get that script in front of them

Maybe this is it

I mean

what do you do when sure you could have committed to that relationship but you decided something just was not right

what do you do when you got passed over for the promotion, the part, the play

You Work as a receptionist or market analyst that is what you do

Maybe Struggle for rent

Maybe just Hope for the best

Maybe just Sleep more

Maybe eat the whole thing and feel sick

Then one day say No.
Say maybe today is my day
Today is my day to fail and be OK with it because Fuck it


Fail at as many things as possible

Fail at finding a seat on the bus

Fail at getting a raise

Fail with an office joke

Fail with flirting with Denise in accounting

Fail at as many things as possible

Eventually you wont

Eventually you will be so used to failing that you will not care

Eventually you will grow

Eventually you will find yourself

Eventually someone will see you and say to themselves

What do you do when your friends are making it?

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