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Shades of Gray

Sexy Memoirs Chapter 9: Silhouettes of Sex

No Comments 05 August 2015

“I really enjoy the shade when your blocking the light” is what I said to her while she stood there naked in the window as the sunrise begins to shine into our double bed suite at the now debunked Best Western on Airport Road. Too often our encounters would have us partying in the moonlight and dancing till the sunrise and this time was no different. Checkout is right around the corner and I can start to smell the continental breakfast seeping down the corridor but I’m not hungry for that. My appetite for her has not yet been satisfied so I take her one last time. Bending her over the chaise lounge, I pull her head back by grabbing her long flowing hair and start wrapping it around my hand as if I’m trying to clot a stab wound on my palm. But the only stabbing here is my piercing applehead into her freshly naired honey-hole. I catch a glimpse of our shadows moving along side us on the cliche hotel wallpaper and it’s reminiscent of a steampunk espresso machine I once saw at a festival. I turn away and refocus on the task at hand and with my keen sense of time management skills we’re all able to burst onto the horizon simultaneously…her, me and the rising sun.

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