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No Comments 07 August 2012

Shade Enthusiasts,

At this week’s Monday Night Mud Mess we had a  new hire bring along Marley (2012). If you don’t know about “The Mess” check page 36 of your handbook (if you lost your handbook – or have questions- please email Todd at getintotheshade@gmail.com).

Wow. What a documentary.

As a seasoned veteran of Bob Marley films I wasn’t expecting much. But, I ended up only thinking of 2-3 things I’d rather be doing vs. my usual 4-7.

Bottom line is its a remarkable story that’s always compelling (unless you’re a turd that doesn’t even celebrate Master McGrath).

If you don’t have anything else going on and you’re just sitting on the couch…check it out. It has my 2-3 guarantee!

The valve is at a good fit,


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