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Shades of Gray

Reflections in D Minor

No Comments 30 January 2014

So much shit to do…all year long. Juices to drink. Feelings to feel. Things to search for. You name it, I won’t do it. I can’t. At the moment I’m paralyzed in the amber. For all the reasons pulp exists. Because it’s real. Because it’s there. Because it’s necessary and needs to be sorted through.

I need a strong coffee, cold beer and perhaps a New York Times with ambition. If its after Noon though, forget it. The time has gone for critical thinking. The matching of concepts and discovery has no place once the sun has reached it’s summit. After you’ve crossed the rubicon you have two options – aggression and reflection. That’s why Caesar was the first general to march into Rome with a standing army. He did so at sunrise. Exploration waits for the sunrise.

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