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Dead Person of the Day September 8 – Moondog

No Comments 09 September 2011

Today’s DPD is a good one and comes courtesy of Richard Williams at The Independent. Great legacy here folks and an ode to the fact that NYC used to have a much more vibrant street life. Now they should just put a toilet seat on top of that place….

TO DIZZY Gillespie, Moondog was a memory from the 1940s. “The guy who stood at the corner of Sixth Avenue and 52nd Street,” Gillespie recalled, “wrapped in a brown Army blanket, looking like Christ.”

A few years later Moondog had moved a few blocks south and adopted purple robes, sandals and a Viking helmet which, with his long grey hair and beard and his sightless eyes, created a dramatic effect. Often, too, he would be holding a spear. But Moondog was more than just a picturesque feature of the Manhattan streets. He was a musician and composer in a great 20th- century American tradition of unclassifiable iconoclasts who made music the way they heard it. keep reading

This is a great piece about Moondog as well

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My Morning Jacket live show from KCRW

No Comments 02 September 2011

In my opinion MMJ is well above average. Give it a listen, maybe you like it too? If not, kill yourself but don’t forget to hire the National Obituary Review to write your obit.

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