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Dead Person of the Day October 12 – Nancy Laura Spungen

No Comments 13 October 2011

Today’s DPD is brought to you by brit punk website www.punk77.co.uk. What a love story eh? Crazy kids

Nancy Laura Spungen (1958-1978)

Nancy was born in 1958 to a middle class Jewish family in Philadelphia USA. Born prematurely by 1 and a half months her mother recalls her “…in the hospital nursery kicking and screaming at some unseen enemy” and that really set the scene for the rest of her life. Growing up was no better. She had a troubled childhood displaying violent behavioural symptoms – tantrums, frequently threatening her sister Susan and brother David and verbally abusing them, attempting to stab the babysitter with a pair of scissors and having recurrent violent nightmares.

It wasn’t as if it was a dysfunctional family as apart from Nancy the family appeared to be fine and did their best to live with her. For Nancy her state of mind was frightening and she often confided to her mother ‘that she wanted to die.’ She suffered from depression and committed self harm. It can’t have helped being put into various hospitals and correctional facilities without success.

Aged 17 Nancy left home and moved to New York and found a place where other damaged kids and behavioural problems could be accepted as fairly normal – the rock ‘n’ roll scene and she moved in the same circles as Aerosmith, The New York Dolls, Ramones, Debbie Harry and the Heartbreakers as a groupie. Like so many others she entered the drug culture and needing money to survive worked as a stripper and sometime prostitute to get by. Continue reading

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